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Portrait of Lannae StarrLennae Starr '21, all pronouns

Anthropology-Environmental Studies

I think that we humans often forget that we too are part of nature, just like any other animal. I love being outdoors, and there are many ways that ES and anthropology can connect to help us understand the past, present, and future interactions between humankind and our ecosystems.

Favorite class in majorFundamentals of Cultural Anthropology

Favorite class out of majorChorale


Cade SchottCade Schott '21, he/him/his


Why Econ: From my very first econ class in high school I was fascinated by the way economics influenced and measured human behavior. I have also really appreciated the scope of the discipline, it can apply to global interactions all the way down to a child's lemonade stand. All of the professors within the department have always been willing to go out of their way to help students which is just another reason why I am so glad to be an econ major!

Favorite Class in the department: Econometrics

Favorite Class out of department: Intro to Creative Writing

Contact info:

phone number: 208-721-8575

Email: schottch@whitman.edu

Portrait of Chloe DaikhChloe Daikh '21, she/her/hers

Classics and History

I love the interconnectedness of the History courses here. I focus predominantly on the Ancient Mediterranean, but I was able to find so many connections in courses on other geographic areas. The major also has a really wonderful community; the professors and students are very supportive of each other. There is a real sense of camaraderie.

Favorite classes in majors: Ancient Theatre and the Advanced Latin Seminar for Classics / Hail Caesar: The Roman Revolution / 20th Century Europe

Favorite class out of major: Approaches to the Study of Literature

Contact: daikhcc@whitman.edu

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/Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 8.11.20 AM.png" width="89"/>Jasmine Razeghi  '22,  she/her/hers or they/them/theirs


I chose to be a politics major because it allows me the knowledge and skills to be able to advocate for change. It has also challenged me to look at issues through a plethora of perspectives and strengthen my research skills. I think it is important to question structures of power and to consider who is benefiting from them.

Favorite class in majorRace & International Politics

Favorite class out of majorBeginning Chinese


Taylor Chambers HeadshotTaylor Chambers  '21,  she/her/hers


I chose psychology because of my interest in forensic psychology.

Favorite class in majorPsychology of Law

Favorite class out of majorSociology of Prisons and Punishment


Portrait of David DregalloDavid Dregallo '20, he/him/his

Environmental Studies - Sociology

I like the applicability of ES-Sociology as well as its use in explaining everyday interactions between humans and the environment.

Favorite class in major: Environmental Justice

Contact: dregald@whitman.edu

Portrait of Anna PulscakAnna Pulscak '21, she/her/hers

Environmental Studies - Sociology

I went into college knowing that I wanted to major in the ES department, but I did not know exactly what area. As I began to take classes within the ES department it became clear to me that I was most interested in the social implications of climate change. I find the interactions between the environment and our society to be very fascinating so I took the leap and declared!

Favorite class in major: Environmental Sociology

Favorite class out of major: Intro to Anthropology

Contact: pulscaae@whitman.edu

Portrait of Indira DahlstromIndira Dahlstrom '21, she/her/hers


What I like best about sociology is that it leads me to frame questions about how the world works in very mindful ways.

Favorite class in major: Latinos and Latinas in the U.S.

Favorite class out of major: Advanced Creative Nonfiction

Contact: dahlstir@whitman.edu